Thursday, 23 February 2012

Woody's Words of Wisdom, Feb 2012

This started as a chance to jot down some of four and a half year old Woody's statements, the product of the brilliant logic of childhood. But over the last few days, he's suddenly leapt forward in his ability to change the world. His words may get less silly, so I'm glad I caught some of them. 

Who me?

"If you see a big dark fish like this, that's Bacon!"

"And then I could take it into school for show and tell." (said about any random object)

Looking over my shoulder at the computer screen and reading album titles (he's just learning to read, very exciting development) :
"Have you ever been to Electric Ladyland? What was it like?"

"When I'm grown up, I'll let my child have ice cream even when it's a cold day."

Reading the computer screen over my shoulder seems to be the tip of an iceberg. A moment of change as he steps towards our world. I can't pretend (or is 'lie' the word?) about what I'm doing on the computer anymore. 

And there's more. The other day he took himself off and re-filled one of our bird feeders. Reaching in to the tree to unhook it, taking it to the shed, pouring in new seed and taking it back to the tree. All by himself. 

Of course, while I type this he's upstairs lying on his bedroom floor doing anything possible to avoid changing out of his uniform in to play clothers. Oh how I envy his ability to calmly lose an hour stairing at the ceiling making up stories about the shadows!

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